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Private paid-messaging clubs based on subscriptions

Create a paid-messaging groups/clubs with Discord and let’s your customers pay monthly for it.

  • So simple to use
  • Works with Stripe subscribtions
  • Create a paid-club in 4 minutes
  • Integration on existing Discord Server
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How can I create a Club in less than 4 min ?

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Step 1. You create your Discord Server

Step 2. You add our robot (Bot) to your server

Step 3. You create your Clubsint club (and link it with your Discord Server)

Step 4. Then, share your payment page to your customers !

How it works with my customers ?

Step 1. They go on your payment page (generated by Clubsint)

Step 2. They subscribe to your service (private club) and they are invited to join your Discord Server

Step 3. They submit their email used for the payment (to get access to the club content)

Step 4 (1 time/day). Clubsint check automatically if all customers have a valid subscription

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And if I already have customers ?

If you already have Stripe subscribers (because of Clickfunnels, or whatever), they just have to submit their email address used for the payment.

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  • Up to 5 members
  • Up to 1 club
  • Payment processing pages
  • Check membership 1 time/week
  • E-mail Support
Free forever


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per month

  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited clubs
  • Payment processing pages
  • Check membership 7 times/week
  • Support 24/7
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